Slide effective, verified, and monitored compliance For the Insurance Industry For the Banking Industry For Government Entities To Support the Cannabis Business Effective Compliance has arrived

Legal Cannabis Industry’s Leading License and Compliance Authority.

Clarion Compliance brings a superior compliance model to high-risk industries.  We provide independent 3rd party verification by utilizing effective processes to ensure the compliance of that industry and thereby minimize critical risk factors to various sectors that serve the target industry.  We serve key clients up and down the vertical touching the cannabis and hemp sector, its regulatory and enforcement divisions, and its correlating insurance and banking industries. We also provide record authenticity and are well-positioned with data-centric processes.

Our program creates a vital proof set of compliance records to defend and substantiate the compliance of our business client.  The industries we support appreciate our agile processes, simple compliance status recognition, communication processes, and data availability functions.

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Verification Access

Verify License for Law Enforcement/ Government Entities

Regulatory and law enforcement authorities in state, county and municipal jurisdictions across the US have complimentary access to the Clarion Compliance nationwide database of licensed cannabis business through our web portal or via our call in center.

Your Dynamic Path to Compliance

Optimization Starts Here

As the cannabis industry’s leader in compliance monitoring and guidance we insure you are operating optimally regarding compliance and have a partner to assist you where needed. Regulators, the insurance industry, and the banking industry will appreciate your comprehensive compliance model.


Effective compliance is critical to the integrity of the industry. Our best in breed program is assurance for the insurance and banking sector. License holders will stand out as an industry leader and a community partner in best practices.


Sign up and enter periodic data. Call us to deliver just what you need. We do the rest. Need answers, we are here to help too. Our no cost help line is always there to assist you and answer any questions you may have.


You couldn’t be in better hands. Our experts work with you, and right away. Your compliance is our goal.

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