Banking Industry.

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Set Best Practices Solutions to Satisfy the Banking Industries Concerns.

The banking industry has every reason to be concerned with a wide range of compliance issues that surround the cannabis industry. Banking the cannabis business may well be the most important act at the industries doorstep. At this moment in time, it is also a high-risk proposition. As a compliance entity, Clarion Compliance works with the cannabis business for a set of best practices solution to satisfy the banking industries concerns. We offer KYC and AML solutions to track the origin of funds and work to address the issue of trade-based money laundering.

Clarion Compliance works to stay ahead of the compliance curve and bring forward looking best practices to the cannabis industry.

Insuring the conformity of the money trail is important to compliance requirements. Our services deliver the program you need to gain and maintain a compliant regulatory scheme. We are more than happy to meet with you to discuss this program and its benefits in detail.

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