Ensure the Integrity



If you operate a cannabis-related business, your registration and membership with Clarion Compliance can allow you to grow your enterprise with confidence.

Government regulators and law enforcement depend upon Clarion Compliance and our national database of registered cannabis businesses to ensure that the legal marijuana industry is operating according to the letter of the law.

According to the terms of registration and membership, licensed cannabis businesses voluntarily provide operational information to Clarion Compliance. Our team of professionals then verify and manage this information and make it available to state, city and county jurisdictions upon request. Our universal commitment is to the integrity of the legal cannabis industry and its business and government stakeholders.

For the health and future of your business, a chief concern of yours must be the implementation of effective compliance.”

For registered
cannabis businesses,

benefits for Clarion Compliance include:

  • Third-party transparency with the regulators and law enforcement who trust Clarion Compliance
  • Friendly assistance with compliance issues, specific to the jurisdictions in which you operate
  • Instant credibility with insurance underwriters and other businesses you need and depend upon whose business models are adapting to serving the cannabis economy
  • Industry-wide networking with other legitimate enterprises operating within the cannabis consumer supply chain
  • Protection against bad actors in the industry and illegal diversion of product

“Clarion Compliance is the trusted forum where entrepreneurs, businesses and government regulators interface in a cooperative environment to ensure the mutually rewarding benefits of our emerging legal cannabis economy.”

– Kirk Barry,
Founder & CEO
Clarion Compliance
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