Portable field-testing equipment that is accurate and established as reliable in court is an important tool to address consumer safety in the hemp market. A 2022 case study found that variances of up to 3.7 times above the maximum allowed amounts of D9 when comparing the product label, and a whopping 85% of the products were being purchased without age verification (the list of concerns is long, download here https://bit.ly/3KXzgLc).

Clarion Compliance provides consultation, seminars, sales, and training on LightLab3. Lightlab3 is a portable HPLC testing unit that covers a wide range of major and minor cannabinoids. The in-field test time is 10.5 minutes and this device is accurate and dependable. Test results have been admitted in court and been found reliable. We also provide expert testimony where the reliability issue needs to be addressed.

With decades of law enforcement experience, we know how important portable, easy to use, and reliable equipment is when you are working in the field. LightLab3 brings you immediate results so you can take a well- reasoned course of action.


Executive summary from the study: Our lab analysis reveals that while most hemp delta-9 products (96%) fall within the limits set by the 2018 Farm Bill, slightly over half varied substantially from their advertised dosage. The dosages were also much higher than the allowable dosages for edibles in legal states, some 3.7-fold higher than the maximum allowed in states like Colorado or California. Although they often claim to be natural, 64% of products used THC that had been chemically converted from CBD.

On the positive side, all products tested for safety were found to be free from pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals and other contaminants. However, 75% of products were not tested for this by their manufacturers. Additionally, age restriction was lax, with 85% of products being purchased without age verification at checkout, and 98% being delivered without the need for an adult signature. Regulations are urgently needed to address these issues.