Executive Team.

skilled professionals

that execute in their leading roles.

Kirk Barry, Founder, CCCE

  Under his leadership, Clarion Compliance works with business entities to inform and assist them in obtaining information from the cannabis sector, identifying opportunities, and moving forward with cannabis licensing. Mr. Barry has over 40 years of experience in law enforcement and expert legal consulting. His experience in the cannabis space covers 10 years and includes 4 start-ups; cultivation, manufacturing, testing, and compliance.

Jonathan Fornaci, CCCE

  Spending the last 20 years as an executive in both start-ups, NGOs and large companies, Jonathan has a formal leadership background from companies such as Accenture, GE Capital, Stanford Research Institute and has been part of the executive teams of both Private Equity and Venture Capital funded companies in the SaaS technology, manufacturing, retail/restaurants, and real estate/construction. As a result, Jonathan understands the workings of large multi-national companies as well as how to efficiently and effectively utilize the latest technology and market conditions.

Neko Catanzaro, Board Member

  Neko Catanzaro, a graduate of Brown University, is an international marketing communications specialist. She has been behind the successful branding and public relations for a variety of companies including publicly traded Item 9 Labs, Strive Dispensaries, Baked Bros, Compassionate Certification Centers, Marijuana Industry Trade Association (MITA-AZ), FOCUS, and others. Whether starting from scratch or amplifying an already established brand, her unique talents provide clients with award-winning campaigns and long-lasting brand awareness. Her understanding of cannabis regulations and compliance, combined with her writing background and intuitive sense of design, has led Catanzaro to develop complex case studies in the cannabis tech sector as well as assist clients with license applications across the country.

Sean Robinson, CFO

  Sean worked in various roles at Citigroup from 2007 through 2016 in Venture Capital (2007 - 2011), Accounting Policy (2011 - 2013), N.A. Controllers (2013 - 2014) and Liquidity Reporting Controllers (2014 - 2016). He held a role as an adjunct professor in the Accounting Department for Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, NY (2010 - 2012). In late 2016, Sean started his own Accounting Services firm called Tebaja Consulting LLC, which provides CFO & Controller support for start-ups and private equity clients, with a focus on Minority & Women-Business Owned Enterprises and Cannabis & Hemp owners and operators.

Andre Bourque, Director of Marketing

  Mr. Bourque has over 15 years of marketing and business development experience spanning Fortune 500 technology companies, consumer products, and the aerospace industry.
Mr. Bourque has emerged as one of the top cannabis industry business connectors and is recognized as a pioneer in this space. Mr. Bourque writes an influential cannabis column for Forbes, and notably was the first to present cannabis real estate investment opportunities to investors in Shanghai. As an industry power house, Mr. Bourque was the first to introduce the cannabis industry at the Emmys. Mr. Bourque has facilitated dozens of multi-partnered cannabis ventures across America. Mr. Bourque’s focus is business development, marketing, and strategic relationships.

Michael Barry, Director of Operations

  Mike Barry has over a decade of experience in information gathering and evidentiary issues in the civil litigation field. He was one of the pioneers in the computer animation space for litigated claims. Mike entered the cannabis space in 2009 in California and became a master grower operating outdoor, mixed light, and a substantial indoor growing facility. Mike went on to be the principal founder of an edible company and contracted for two dispensary start ups. Mike also has 4 years of experience in dispensary operations achieving qualified manager status for local regulator requirements. As operations manager for Clarion Compliance, Mike oversees processes and personnel for the corporation.
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